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Demo Twitter Master

This Joomla Module was tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE. Working flawless with all. Also since we are linux developers and are nuts about error logging... this module works flawless without any php errors.

Master Twitter like never before... fast load times, error free code

Module Backend and Other Options:

  • Master Twitter and gain followers and readers
  • Twitter Username: your twitter username, no need for @ symbol
  • Selectable Button Layout: Horizontal / Vertical
  • Option to Display Follow Button
  • Show Username: Show username in Follow Button
  • Show Followers: Show bubble with number of twitter followers
  • Option to Display Tweet Button
  • Show Tweets: Show bubble with number of re-tweets and @via
  • Option to Display Hashtag Button
  • Insert Custom Hashtag Text
  • Option to Display Mention Button
  • Automatically picks up your username to mention
  • Button Size: Small / Large
  • Select Language: Select your preferred language, includes 50 languages plus
  • Caching: Yes / No
  • Module Suffix: Module Suffix
  • Jomsocial Plugin also available

Demo available below this line, template position innerbottom.