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This Joomla Module was tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE. Working flawless with all. Also since we are linux developers and are nuts about error logging... this module works flawless without any php errors.

Module Backend and Other Options:

  • Show or hide Pinterest Follow Me Button
  • Show or hide Pinterest Pin It Button
    • Pin-it button available in Red and Gray Colors
  • Show or hide Pinterest Pin-it Hover Button. Displays button on mouseover photos
    • Pin-it hover button available in Red and Gray Colors
  • Display Pinterest User Profile
    • Beautiful html5 profile photos display
    • Automatically adapts to any widget size (width and height), no configuration needed
  • Display Pinterest Board
    • Display any of your pinterest boards
    • Automatically adapts to any widget size (width and height), no configuration needed
    • Amazing glossy look
  • Display Top Pin
    • Displays 1 of your pins bringing it a lot of attention, re-pins and comments
    • Displays Pinterest Username and Board where pin is posted
    • Automatically adapts to any widget size (width and height), no configuration needed
    • Beautiful Design
  • Load Module allows the ability of having Joomla Articles full width dedicated to your Pinterest Profile or any of your Boards to mimic Pinterest Website. You can have as many Articles as you want, each one displaying different Boards.
  • Really easy to use, check above screenshots.

Pinterest Master Full Width & Pin It Hover Button Demo

Demo available below this line, template position innerbottom.