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With the release of Jomsocial 2.8.x there there's an easy way to change the frontend plugin name. Here's how to do it.

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Jomsocial 2.8.x Change frontend plugin name!!

  • if plugin is installed

in your joomla website backend go to the Extensions Manager, click Manage, search for the plugin. Select it and uninstall

  • if plugin not installed

1. make a copy of the original plugin installation file and rename it, i.e. to Can be a zip, rar, gz, tar.gz.

2. open the renamed compressed file with winzip, winrar, 7zip, etc.

3. extract to your desktop the 2 files that end with .ini (.ini and .sys.ini)

4. now it's time to open the 2 .ini files and actually change the plugin name.

5. to open the files you can use windows notepad or even better notepad++.

techgasp notepad If necessary, download notepad++, it's free. Click the notepad++ image. Download and install notepad++.

6. with the file open in notepad or notepad++, search for the line that contains the text PLG_PLUGINNAME_TITLE="the text you need to change"

change in between "" giving it the name you want to display. Do exactly the same in both .ini files and save them.

7. drag and drop, copy and paste or add file to compressed zip. Use any of these function to get your saved desktop .ini files into the renamed zip. It will ask you if you want to replace the original .ini files, say YES.

8. to finish, just install the renamed plugin

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