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TechGasp is an Jomsocial Partner with great extensions for all sorts of ends. Quantity does not matter, our highest goal is to provide stable, error free and fast loading extensions. A must nowadays!

If your jomsocial powered website is slow and buggy, you will never make it in Google Rank and you won't have many active users. Anyone that plans to install jomsocial extensions should really pay a close attention to the developers and the type of code being used. Try to avoid javascript because of conflicts and errors.

Techgasp extensions have a minimal iframe or html5 code. You will get fast loading times and no conflicts. You don't need javascript to have great looking extensions, our Pinterest for Jomsocial, Instagram for Jomsocial and many other extensions are a good example of this... no javascipt or conflicts and extremely fast page load time.

Of course, our fast & furious specialized Jomsocial hosting also helps. If you haven't moved to us yet... Check Here

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TechGasp Frontend User Override V2 for Jomscial

Version 2 comes with many features, the main target of our attention was to code a way to always show data inside users profiles. Common in Jomsocial installations, many users forget to set their data and that sometimes causes ugly unfilled profiles. Version 2 solves just that! Now all users will have a great looking profile and your Joomla website will always look great.

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