TechGasp is Jomsocial 3.1 Ready


Welcome Jomsocial 3.1.0

New exciting Jomsocial release is out...

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What's New in Jomsocial 3.1.0

Jomsocial 3.1.0 enhances the backend administrator in a cool, radical and useful way and also "beefs up" the user frontend with a couple of new features. Here's some worth mentioning.


  • Jomsocial Backend
  • Brand new look and user friendly menu.
  • New Dashboard with useful info & statistics.
  • Alerts System, shows important stuff that requires action

  • Frontend
  • Videos thumbnails are smaller and smoother
  • Cover photo repositioning
  • Photo comments appear in the stream (fixed)
  • Better Photo Albums organization
  • Responsiveness for uploading mobile photos and linking videos

TechGasp Jomsocial Extensions

All TechGasp extensions are compatible with Jomsocial 3.1.x. You have the "green light" to download and install

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