Jomsocial 4.1 is almost here

TechGasp Jomsocial 4.1

We are really excited with the upcoming Jomsocial 4.1 exciting features. Work already started to get all our plugins in check and ready for the launch

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What's new with Jomsocial 4.1

With more than 2000 commits the new version is a big improvement on the backend code and on the frontend user display, more eye candy.

  • JomSocial 4’s frontend style gets extended to all modules and apps
  • New features such as posting images to other users profile or events; image watermarks; moving photos between albums; managing photos posted in groups and events
  • Finally users can now decide whether to display their online status
  • Profile cards can be enabled in the Theme Designer
  • Search and filter users by Profile Type
  • Post videos in events and other user profiles
  • the long waited two-factor authentication for Joomla 3.4
  • Featured activity streams on frontpage, profile, groups and events
  • Private messages can now have attachments
  • Manual location input on the stream
  • and many more...

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TechGasp Jomsocial 4.1

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