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All extensions were tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE. Working flawless with all. Also since we are linux developers and are nuts about error logging... these extensions work flawless without php errors.

TechGasp extensions are light and error free, best Joomla support award...

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Supreme Joomla Hosting

  • Time is Everything!

    Make it Fast! Make it Furious!

    Take full advantage of our Ubuntu based server clusters and Fibber Optic pipelines. Make your website a mean lean crushing machine, faster load times, more visits and users, more return for services and goods.

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  • Joomla Hosting

    Make it simple! Make it cheap!

    Hosting for Joomla & Wordpress was never this easy, by JED Partners & Developers with award winning support and services. Use all our expertise with your Templates, Components, Modules and Plugins.

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  • VPS Server

    Make it Scalable! Make it Dedicated!

    Your own dedicated Virtual Private Server VPS. Full Server Control with Customizable CPU cores, Ram, Disk, Bandwidth, etc. Expand your Business and Expand your VPS hosting.

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  • Happy Costumers

    Make it easy! Make it fun!

    Since 2010, techgasp.com has helped hundreds of people grow larger, more diverse, and with more valuable websites, communities and networks. Here are some of them:

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