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This Joomla Module was tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE. Working flawless with all. Also since we are linux developers and are nuts about error logging... this module works flawless without any php errors.

Errors and Conflicts free. No Javascipt or Ajax

Share Networks

  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Send
    • Facebook Double Punch Action. Select likes or shares from:
      • Your Facebook Fan Page (likes, shares and send button count to total likes of your facebook fan page);
      • Your Individual Website Pages (likes, shares and send button count to each individual page of your website, same as in Twitter);
  • Twitter Follow
  • Twitter Re-Tweet
  • Google + plus
  • Linkedin Share
  • Tumblr Follow
  • Buffer Share
  • Youtube Subscribe
  • Soundcloud Profile Button
  • Reverbnation Profile Button
  • Spotify Profile Button
  • StumbleUpon Share
  • Pinterest "pin it" Share
  • View on Instagram
  • MySpace Share
  • Reddit Share

Social Master Options

  • joomla social sharing SUPREME...
  • Vertical or Horizontal layout, check screenshots
  • Vertical layout can be used in any module position
  • Horizontal layout can be used inside content articles for professional blog look
  • Facebook Options:
  • Show Facebook Buttons: Yes / No
  • Like Setting: Your Facebook Fan Page / Your Individual Website Pages as in twitter)
  • Facebook Fan Page Address: the facebook fan page or application address that you want to share
  • Facebook Application ID Number: Optional, if you have an application associated with your fan page
  • Send Button: Yes / No
  • Google Otpions:
  • Show Google Button: Yes / No
  • Icon Annotation: Bubble / None
  • Twitter Options:
  • Show Twitter Buttons: Yes / No
  • Twitter Username: your twitter username, without @
  • Show Username: Yes / No
  • Show Followers: Yes / No
  • Show Tweets: Yes / No
  • LinkedIn Options:
  • Show LinkedIn Button: Yes / No
  • Show LinkedIn Bubble: Yes / No
  • Tumblr Options:
  • Show Tumblr Follow Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Tumblr Username
  • Buffer Options:
  • Show Buffer Button: Yes / No
  • Youtube Options:
  • Show Youtube Button: Yes / No
  • Soundcloud Options:
  • Show Soundcloud Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Soundcloud User Profile Link
  • Reverbnation Options:
  • Show Reverbnation Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Reverbnation User Profile Link
  • Spotify Options:
  • Show Spotify Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Spotify User or Artist Profile URI
  • StumbleUpon Options:
  • Show StumbleUpon Button: Yes / No
  • StumbleUpon Bubble: Yes / No
  • Instagram Options:
  • Show Instagram Button: Yes / No
  • Instagram Username: Insert Instagram Username
  • Pinterest Options:
  • Show Pinterest Button: Yes / No
  • MySpace Options:
  • Show MySpace Button: Yes / No
  • Website Name: your joomla website name
  • Website Description: small website description (optional)
  • Website Domain: your joomla website domain, i.e.
  • Reddit Options:
  • Show Reddit Button: Yes / No

Joomla Options

  • Caching: Yes / NO
  • Module Suffix: Module Suffix

Demo available... Top of this page, template position top.Horizontal Layout.

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