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Demo Facebook Comments Master

This Joomla Module was tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE. Working flawless with all. Also since we are linux developers and are nuts about error logging... this module works flawless without any php errors.

Facebook Comments Options

  • joomla module light as a feather that turns your website facebook viral
  • Incredible fast loading times with html5, code totally new
  • Say NO to Javascipt errors, conflits and bad page load times.
  • also accepts Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL accounts to post and comment
  • Uses new facebook api
  • Improved Moderation Settings
  • Optimized Mobile Support Added
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Posts to Display: Number of posts to display
  • Color Scheme: Light / Dark
  • Language Override: Insert your country language if needed

Joomla Options

  • Module Class Suffix: Module Class Suffix
  • Caching: Yes / No
  • Publish inside Joomla articles with loadposition

Demo available... below this line, template position innerbottom.

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