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Demo Google Ads Master

This Joomla Module was tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE. Working flawless with all. Also since we are linux developers and are nuts about error logging... this module works flawless without any php errors.

Google Ads Options

  • Don't go cheap when it comes to your income. Choose the best... for professional websites
  • AdSense ready, maximize your online earnings
  • Allows ads styling, you can have all fonts, colors, backgrounds, sizes, etc.
  • Short, slick and fast coding for improved ads load times.
  • No Javascipt or Ajax
  • Option to Align Ads in available width space. Left, Center or Right
  • Google AdSense full script code: Copy from AdSense and paste your ad full script code

Joomla Options

  • Module Class Suffix: Module Class Suffix
  • Caching: Yes / No
  • Publish inside Joomla articles with loadposition
  • Label Instructions included

Demo available... below this line, template position innerbottom.

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