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Skype Master Options

  • Display all 6 skype action buttons inside your joomla website
  • Select what buttons / actions to display, if you don't want them all
  • Cool skype transparent icons to integrate perfectly into your joomla template
  • Buttons packed with 4 distinct awesome designs to match your template (Microsoft, TechGasp Radioactive, Skype Original Green and Skype Original Blue)
  • All buttons packed with 3 languages, English, French and Portuguese. Add your own language, get in touch via support ticket.
  • Display the icons arranged vertically or horizontally
  • Looks great inside joomla articles with loadposition
  • Makes no use of Javascript, conflicts and errors free
  • Easy to use, comes with label instructions
  • Some of the screenshots still show the User Online Status, that feature has been removed since it's not longer provided by Microsoft.
  • Skype Buttons Display Types:
  • Skype Original Blue
  • Skype Original Green
  • Skype Microsoft, the "new" Skype beautifully designed buttons
  • Skype TechGasp, awesome Glossy, Transparent icons
  • Check right side demos
  • All Skype Actions Included:
  • Call Me
  • Add Me
  • Chat With Me
  • View My profile
  • Leave Me VoiceMail
  • Send Me a File
  • Plus the new Skype Share Button:
  • Skype Share Button
  • The perfect button to share content from your site, straight into a Skype chat. It is easy to integrate and supports both desktop and mobile sites
  • Skype goes Viral with share button

Joomla Options

  • Module Class Suffix: Module Class Suffix
  • Caching: Yes / No
  • Publish inside Joomla articles with loadposition

Demo available below this line, horizontal layout, inside article with loadposition.


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