MixCloud for Jomsocial

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MixCloud, the new kid on the block is finally Jomsocial ready. Displaying live Mixcloud radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts on your Jomsocial was never this easy and interactive.

MixClound for Jomsocial fits perfectly into any Jomsocial template position (Main, Sidebar Top and Bottom positions) and allows your users to display all real-time Mixcloud streaming services plus their Mixcloud User Profile to get people to follow them.

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SoundCloud for Jomsocial

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The perfect sound or music solution for jomsocial powered websites and a must have for DJ’s, musical groups or music sharing websites. SoundCloud is one of the major social networks for sharing and show off music, it was clear that we had to bring it into the realm of jomsocial.

SoundClound for Jomsocial integrates perfectly into jomsocial templates (Main, Sidebar Top and Bottom positions) and allows users to play single tracks or playlists (sets of tracks). Yes, that’s right SoundCloud for Jomsocial comes with TechGasp Chameleon Framework, if the website administrator sets this option as On then users can set and show their own musics inside their profiles, if the administrator sets this option as Off, the track or playlists he configures in the backend applies to all users and can not be changed by them. But that’s not all, the best is “under the hood”, totally coded in IFRAME for fast page loading times and error free or conflicts. More options include the ability to show or not the track or playlist artwork, auto-play musics and full control over colors and sizes to match or blend with your template.

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Vimeo for Jomsocial

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If you want to provide high quality video for your Jomsocial users, Vimeo for Jomsocial is the perfect extension for you. Very different from the native jomsocial video wall.

Vimeo for Jomsocial allows your users to show any vimeo video in any jomsocial template position (Main Content, Sidebar Top and Bottom). Once again we make no use of javascipt or ajax, totally coded in html5 for no conflicts and fast page load times.

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Pinterest for Jomsocial

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Do you pin it? Pinterest is a new and explosive social network that lets you organize and share all the good stuff you find on the Internet. Pinterest for Jomsocial allows your jomsocial based website to be pinned and shared across the web. Pinterest for Jomsocial uses TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial. It can be used as User Profile Plugin, Activity Stream Plugin and Jomsocial Module. Awesome 3 in 1!!!

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Youtube for Jomsocial

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The long awaited YouTube extension for Jomsocial is finally here. Perfect for any jomsocial multimedia content website, music or video, it is also perfect for displaying business or commercial youtube playlists or single video clips. Yes… that’s right, YouTube for Jomsocial let’s you display full youtube playlists or single videos inside any jomsocial user profile adapting perfectly to jomsocial template positions Main Content, Sidebar Top or Sidebar Bottom.

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Facebook Comments for Jomsocial

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Are you tired of joomla comment extensions that don’t integrate with your jomsocial templates, that cause a huge amount of errors and extension conflicts, that slows down your website and makes your jomsocial have a huge page load time, that are a pain to manage in the back-end, that create spam and google ranking issues? Leave all that obsolete stuff being and solve the with Jomsocial Facebook Comments.

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Skype Master for Jomsocial

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OMG!!! it’s joomla skype master ported to jomsocial. Now that Microsft bought Skype and phased out windows live messenger, skype became the world n.1 chatting, messaging application. After the huge success of skype master for joomla we decided to launch the supreme skype tool for your jomsocial website.

Skype Master for Jomsocial allows your jomsocial users to display 6 optional cool action buttons (all skype functions, Call Me, Add Me, Chat with Me, View My Profile, Leave Me Voicemail, Send Me a File and the new Skype Share viral button). Yes, that’s right, all buttons are optional and it’s up to the jomsocial administrator to decided which buttons to show on the website frontend.

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Google Ads for Jomsocial

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Google Ads for Jomsocial is the best plugin an administrator or webmaster can have.. why?, because it generates a lot of AdSense income for your website.

Google Ads for Jomsocial fills a huge gap in jomsocial native plugins by allowing you to display your google ads inside every user profile. Since is fully integrated in Jomsocial plugin system, you can maximize your revenue by publishing the ads in the template Main Content or in the Sidebar (top or bottom).

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