Groupon Master for Joomla

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This easy to use bombastic module will be a great source of income for any joomla webmaster. One of our main concerns at TechGasp is to find solid ways to generate revenues for joomla based websites like our Joomla Google Ads Master and Joomla Amazon Deals Master. This time we offer all joomla administrators a new great way of generating big bucks with the famous and acclaimed Groupon network. Groupon is a website that features deals-of-the-day in major cities with excellent prices… a must website for all American citizens. Joomla Groupon Master lets you integrate the groupon daily deals inside your joomla allowing you to share and sell those deals with your users and visitors, automatically generating a lot of money for you. The module is totally customizable with the groupon API, that means it fits perfectly in any of your template module positions and you can select 15 ad sizes and side deals, you can also select the most appropriate accent color for the ads. That’s not all, you can even specify a city to show ads from or just have the cities in auto-detect according to the origin of your website visitor.

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Google Ads Master for Joomla

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Joomla Google Ads Master is the module you need to generate income for your website. Google Ads Master allows you to display your google ads inside your website in any template module position or even inside content articles. Since is fully integrated in Joomla module framework, you can maximize your revenue by publishing the AdSense ads in your template areas that return more clicks. The must have module for any serious webmaster. Also we payed special attention to the code, it’s short, slick and fast for better ads load times. Remember to also visit Joomla Groupon Master and Joomla Amazon Deals Master for improved website income.

The income maker for any Joomla Website Administrator. Let the money flow in.

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Amazon Master for Joomla

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Another must have income generating extension for all joomla based websites. With Amazon Deals Master you can automatically display the hottest deals from Amazon in any module template position. Based on Amazon API, there is no template space too big or too small this module won’t fit to automatically generate sales and revenue for any joomla administrator. There are millions of small joomla websites, but they all have the same outstanding problem, how to generate stable income for the owner or webmaster. Thinking about this huge problem, TechGasp is proud to introduce 3 great extensions that are able to generate thousands of dollars per month for any joomla webmaster, Amazon Deals Master, Groupon Master and Google Ads Master.
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All Joomla Extensions

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Get Access to All TechGasp Joomla extensions, probably all your website will ever need. Access to updates and support for a full 1 year.

All Joomla extensions for peanuts…

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