WordPress 4.0, what’s new?

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Summer is great here at TechGasp and we can’t wait for the new wordpress 4.0 scheduled for August. Yes, we have been working hard to make sure all TechGasp plugins work smoothly with the new upcoming “awesome” wordpress.

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Twitter Bootstrap

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Bootstrap classes for Drupal

Theme example

This is a template showcasing the optional theme stylesheet included in Bootstrap. Use it as a starting point to create something more unique by building on or modifying it.

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New extension released, Weather Master for Joomla

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Spring is here!!! to celebrate TechGasp releases a brand new cool extension for Joomla, Weather Master.

Weather Master innovates in weather display, for the first time… the weather is just like “on TV”.

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First Extensions Joomla 3.3 Ready

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Everybody is busy an excited here at TechGasp preparing extensions compatibility with the new upcoming Joomla 3.3 expected in the next days. One step closer to the next long term release 3.5.

Business Google Maps for Joomla is the first to receive the “Ready Medal” with a bunch of exciting new features added to them.

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WordPress 3.9 is out and about

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techgasp_wordpress39TechGasp Plugins Fully Compatible

Once again we are happy to announce that all TechGasp Plugins are compatible with WordPress 3.9. All users can download or upgrade our plugins to the latest version without any problems.

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TechGasp plugins fully compatible with WordPress 3.8.2

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Yesterday we saw an important release of our beloved content management system WordPress, version 3.8.2.

TechGasp Plugins fully Compatible

All TechGasp plugin users will be very happy to know that is 100% safe to install, upgrade and ultimately use and abuse our plugins… they are wordpress 3.8.2 compatible.

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Lifetime Support

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Lifetime Support for TechGasp Extensions

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Website Customization

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Website Customization

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