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we love to create…

bespoke website themes from scratch

— and passionate about website retainers maintenance —
How it works…

Stop worrying about technical needs and focus on business objectives.

We are one of the leading full-service WordPress, Drupal, Joomla agencies on the market, we establish suitable workflows based on your needs.

Initial Project Meeting

Project Design with flexible agile model

Project Kick-off Deployment

Project Maintenance Retainer

Project Scaling Toward Success

TechGasp Websites
Beautifully Crafted Websites…

Unique bespoke website designs using latest Bootstrap and SASS compiling technology.

We develop productivity driven themes with a modern development workflow for WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Symfony, etc.

With e-commerce integration templates for Woocommerce and lightning fast frontend minimized js/css footprint for increase Google SEO and Google PageSpeed Insights performance.

When do I need a retainer?

If you want continuous full-stack website development without a huge technical department of skilled programmers. We will ensure that your platform uses the best coding standards, optimized for SEO, speed and security.

Supercharged retainer with website maintenance?

You don’t need to worry about your server health, security, or performance. Our retainer maintenance will also take care of updating, backing up, monitoring, and reporting your web server. Our team of Linux system administrators are experienced with Amazon AWS EC2, Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine, Kinsta, Cloudflare, Cloudways and many other hosting providers.

100% Managed Hosting

Afraid of complex hosting tasks? We offer 100% managed hosting on Google Cloud GCE our Amazon EC2, let us host and manage all complex tasks while your website enjoys lightning fast speeds.

TechGasp AWS
TechGasp GCE
TechGasp Cloudfare
TechGasp Cloudways
TechGasp Kinsta
TechGasp Godaddy
TechGasp Hosting
Managed Hosting

Harness the power of scalable servers…

Would you like your website or application hosted at a top cloud platform like Google Cloud Platform “GCE” or Amazon AWS “EC2” without the stress and knowledge to manage all the complex tasks? Look no further and enjoy lightning speeds with our fully managed by us hosting.

Linux Servers… Rule!

Expert Linux server outsourcing.

We have vast experience installing and maintaining cloud based Linux servers used for web, email, dns, etc. in all sorts of cloud environments like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform “GCE” and all sorts of Virtual Private Servers “VPS”.

TechGasp Debain Servers
Other projects you might know?

We currently maintain two other exciting projects that you might have heard about, Hoteloni and Spam Master.

Spam Master

Spam Master is the ultimate spam protection for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Universal API registrations, comments, logins, contact forms, subscriptions, checkout orders, bookings, etc.

Spam Master is also packed with Firewall technology and uses Real Time anti-spam lists. Fast loading, Spam Master is modular… it only loads what is needed to keep your website secure and clean. Spam Master munches, feeds and grows on spam ip’s, emails, domains and words. One of the top 5 world-wide, real-time spam databases.

TechGasp Spam Master
TechGasp Spam Hoteloni


Hoteloni is cloud based. CMS solution for hotels, resorts, guesthouses, bed & breakfast, hostels, motels, camping grounds, etc.

Hoteloni is all in one. Business administration, online bookings, reservations and sales, high season rates, website with SEO blog, staff management, housekeeping management, maintenance management, room-service management, restaurant service management, internal messaging system, real-time reports and many other features.