How to change Jomsocial plugin names

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How do I change my Jomsocial frontend plugin name?

We are asked many times this question, and guess what!, it's really easy and fast if you follow these simple steps. Read more below and check the tutorial screenshots.

changing jomsocial frontend plugin names, in a breeze...

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Microsoft Windows Live Messenger was phased out

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Microsoft officially phased out Windows Live Messenger

After many years of usage and millions of users in the past, November 2012 announces the demise of windows messenger, aka Microsoft Msn Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. Microsoft officially announced the platform phase out and replacement. What is going to happen? read more below...

windows messenger RIP, thank for the tons of chatting hours...

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TechGasp hosting upgraded to 250mb fiber optic

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TechGasp fiber all the way...

For the past few days our hosting cluster was under upgrade. All techgasp hosted websites and shared servers are now using a mega fiber optics connection with dedicated synchronous 250mb output.

Techgasp uses a shared hosting server...

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Facebook Applications by Techgasp

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TechGasp Facebook Applications

Another Techgasp candy for all our facebook fans. Starting today you can easily browse our website and extensions from the comfort of your facebook page. Yes, that's right... Techgasp Facebook App is officially online. Read more below, create your own application and check the awesome screenshots.

Techgasp facebook application candy...

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