Google Maps for Jomsocial

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Google Maps for Jomsocial is a great fast loading html5 Jomsocial plugin. Allow your users to quickly display a google map inside their user profile. Working flawless with jomsocial you can easily display google maps in the Main Content template area.

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LinkedIn for Jomsocial

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LinkedIn for Jomsocial is the professional way to integrate your linkedin user or company profile inside your jomsocial based website Main Content Position.

If you are planning to maximize and expand your linked-in connections you can publish this plugin with user override set to NO, this will force the extension to just show your linkedin user or company profile inside all jomsocial user profiles. But, if your intention is to allow all your jomsocial users to display their own linkedin user or company profile inside their own jomsocial user profile, then in the administrator plugin backend, set the plugin to YES.

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TechGasp Blank Plugin for Jomsocial

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Wow.. take a look at this must have chameleon jomsocial plugin!! only your imagination will hold you back. Ever wanted to add something to your jomsocial template that integrates perfectly in the Main Content, Sidebar Top or Bottom but never found the right plugin for the job? Now you have it, this clean, fast loading plugin is able to publish anything you want, text, pictures, html, php, javascript, etc. like a chameleon.

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Banners for Jomsocial

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Banners for Jomsocial is another great help for any Jomsocial webmaster. It let’s you simulate the powerful Joomla Banner Framework inside Jomsocial user profiles. Banners are a common form of advertising on the web or just displaying an image, button or logo. With Banners for Jomsocial you can achieve this easily inside jomsocial templates, Main Content or Sidebar positions.

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Weather for Jomsocial

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There are many weather extensions in Joomla extensions directory but none like Weather for Jomsocial. Why?, Jomsocial Weather was specially designed to integrate flawless with Jomsocial templates. It installs as a Jomsocial plugin and can be published inside the main user content or wall, top sidebar or bottom sidebar of the template. Also a main feature is the usage of google weather API to retrieve weather, you just need to set your location in the backend i.e. London, and let the plugin do the rest.

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Buy Points for Jomsocial

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Buy Points for Jomsocial is the best release this year for Jomsocial websites that use native user points. If you have been looking for a way to monetize your jomsocial website or just give it a huge activity boost, then this is the extension for you.

Jomsocial native user Points are a great tool but the problem for administrators was the lack of monetizing these points, a way to allow users to buy jomsocial points with Paypal and automatically add these to their points count.

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UserPoints for Jomsocial

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UserPoints is an advanced Jomsocial Points Plugin. Now you can easily integrate and display Jomsocial points inside the user profile using Jomsocial Plugin System. Fully adapted to jomsocial templates, plg_UserPoints can be displayed inside the main content or in the template sidebar. You can show the plugin in all native Jomsocial Templates or 3rd party Jomsocial Templates. Includes a bunch of administrator easy selection options to display in frontend user profiles.

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NotifyPoints for Jomsocial

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An important part of jomsocial is missing from the module, the User Points. With TechGasp NotifyPoints module, you can have all the bubble notification system (new messages, profile likes, activity comments, activity likes, friends requests, group notifications, event notifications, etc.) without forgetting the important positive or negative user points. The best way to keep an eye on what’s important, the jomsocial native user points.

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