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How to improve your WordPress Google Rank


Yesterday we posted an article in our Joomla website that applies to wordpress. 3 easy rules that over time will boost your visits and wordpress hits.

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How to edit WordPress native Meta Widget?

With the WordPress native Meta Widget users can register and login into your website. Unfortunately the widget backend as no options to remove your website RSS link, your website comments RSS link and the WordPress link. For a login / register widget all those links are overkill and they extend a sidebar menu that is supposed to be short.

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Buying TechGasp WordPress Advanced Plugins

Take full advantage of all our plugin features buying the advanced version.

How to Buy?

On the TechGasp WordPress plugin page that you are browsing and interested in, you will see:

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TechGasp WordPress Advanced Version

What is the TechGasp Advanced Version for WordPress?

It’s a sunny sweet orange. The premium plugin development contains all plugin add-ons, widget features, shortcodes and updater… all without restrictions.

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How-to remove the website link from wordpress native comments

There are several tutorials and forum posts regarding this issue, we will try to keep it simple and short, less reading same results.

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How to secure your wordpress wp-config file

Alongside with the usual intrusions or hacks to your wordpress wp-login file and your admin folder is a neglected file of the out-most importance, the wp-config file.

To secure and protect your admin folder and wp-login file, please refer to this post.

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How to protect your wordpress admin page

There are several plugins that do the job but they actually put load and can create conflicts in your wordpress website.

“We find that the best, with less strain or website conflicts and most secure way of protecting your website is by restricting the admin access by means of IP and using server files instead of website plugins.”

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WordPress always show admin toolbar in frontend

Many users ask how can they show the wordpress admin toolbar for all users, even the one’s not registered.

The easy fast fix for this is to first check your header.php file, make sure the below code exists right before the ending head tag:

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