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How to build websites with subdomains

Techgasp Domain Subdomain

We have decided to write a small tutorial on how to build several websites via sub-domains since our own websites and sub-domains just went through a major re-structure related to legacy implementations. The aim of this post is more organizational than technical “per se”, it relates to pre-implementation thoughts.

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Stop Safari browser from unzipping files


A common support question is…

I’m trying to install my wordpress plugin addons zip file but when I download the file I end up with a php file instead of the zip file.
WordPress Support User from Support Tickets

It relates to your Safari browser settings and the fix is easy.

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How to Export Support Data

Techgasp How to Export Support Data

If you require professional support, the easiest way is to attach the plugin_info.txt file when creating a ticket. Where do you get this file?

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Batch delete custom fields from your WordPress pages and posts

TechGasp Delete Custom Fields

In new WordPress installations it’s normal to test a bunch of plugins during the initial website setup also, if you run your WordPress website for a few years you probably have installed and tested a ton of plugins that you are not using anymore and have since then deleted or deactivated. That’s all fine, the issue is that most of the plugins do not delete their posts and pages meta_keys.

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WordPress Installation & Updates

This tutorial applies to all TechGasp plugins and refers to their installation and update. Social Master is just an example for better understanding, you should replace it with your plugin name.

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How to Install or Update TechGasp Plugins


With the release of the TechGasp WordPress Framework all plugins version 4.0 and upwards have built-in Advanced Updater (use the built-in Advanced Updater to update your plugins). Do not follow this tutorial except if you have a really old plugin version.

If you are looking for Advanced Updater instructions, read your plugin Documentation & Instructions page.

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How to improve your WordPress Google Rank


Yesterday we posted an article in our Joomla website that applies to wordpress. 3 easy rules that over time will boost your visits and wordpress hits.

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How to edit WordPress native Meta Widget?

With the WordPress native Meta Widget users can register and login into your website. Unfortunately the widget backend as no options to remove your website RSS link, your website comments RSS link and the WordPress link. For a login / register widget all those links are overkill and they extend a sidebar menu that is supposed to be short.

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