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Skype Master for Joomla

Skype supreme for any joomla powered website. Now that Microsoft bought skype and officially phased out live messenger, it was time to launch the ultimate skype communication tool for your joomla website. Skype Master for Joomla allows you to display all 6 available skype actions, Call Me, Add Me, Chat with Me, View My Profile, Leave me Voicemail, Send Me a File and the new Skype Share viral button. Hold on, you don’t need to show them all in the frontend, you can select each individual action to display in the front end. We packed this extension with the 2 famous skype colors (green or blue) and the New Microsoft and TechGasp icon set to better suit your template. We also added horizontal and vertical display option to better fit your intentions and template module position. The horizontal position works great even inside your articles with loadposition.

skype ultimate for joomla, with style…