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Youtube Business for Joomla

The perfect joomla extension if you have a sales or multimedia (video, sound) content website. Why?, this joomla module was specially designed and coded in Html5, no errors or conflicts with light speed page loading times, a must for any video display. With YouTube Business you can display videos in any template module position, ever seen those sales websites with a great commercial showing of the product, instead of boring text or static images… well, this is it for joomla. But that’s not all, we packed the html5 with the ability to show a single video or a full youtube playlist. If you are a video or sound enthusiast that would like to display professionally your work, the youtube playlist feature is definitely for you. To top it off, we added optional Youtube Subscribe Channel button.

The most recent addition to Youtube Master is Google Hangouts launcher that allows instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features, designed by google to be “the future” of its telephony products. Now you can provide professional video support, talk with friends, collaborate and extend your joomla blog.

Pimp your joomla website professionally with youtube videos…