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Joomla 4.0 sneak peek

Probably, the first semester of 2018 will see the birth of the forth generation of our favourite Content Management System, Joomla 4.0. Packed with great new features like framework 2.0 and must have improvements like stock php 7, read more below.

Stock Php 7

Yeap, that’s right, Joomla 4 will no longer support older versions of php. Several reasons for that, to begin with Php 7 will be by 2018 the only supported version at, Php7 is by far superior to other older versions of Php and the majority of developers and their extensions like TechGasp are already Php 7 ready.

Php 7 Implementation Issues

The main implementation issues related to Php 7 are:

  • Web-servers php packages not Php 7 ready. This relates to your hosting account and hosting company, we still see some hosting companies unwilling to upgrade their servers to use Php 7. If that’s the case, get in touch with them now and make them upgrade the php server packages, if they are still refusing by the end of this year… maybe it’s time to think about another hosting company.
  • Joomla extensions, like we said previously, many extensions are already php 7 ready, before uprading to joomla 4.0 make sure your components, modules and plugins can be upgraded and that the latest version of those extensions are Php 7 ready.

What if everything goes wrong?

If for some reason you fall into those 2 issues above… not to worry! Joomla will launch version 3.9 that will remain active and maintained for 2 more years, enough time for you to resolve your issues and upgrade to version 4.0.

Joomla Framework 2.0

Still being forged, comes with great improvements and changes, let’s take a look:

  • A great dashboard with more custom options and help screens for users.
  • Bootstrap 4 will replace the current bootstrap 2, a lot more eye candy.
  • New plugin system more similar to events systems prominent in Php 7 projects that will greatly improve performance.
  • Less code used by deleopers extensions since it will be easier to tap into the new dependency injection containers… Jfactory may die.
  • Removing old legacy code and code deprecation, easier maintenance and better performance.

TechGasp Team

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