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TechGasp Develops Honeypot Version 2

TechGasp Develops Honeypot Version 2

We are really happy to announce that we have developed and tested for more than a month now a new version of honeypot that we called Honeypot Version 2 or Honeypot V2. The new spam bot crusher.

As good linux nerds TechGasp as been involved in server and website security for more than 10 years now via many outsourcing projects for google compute engine servers, dns servers, web servers, mail servers, app servers, anything linux servers. Also, since 2012 with the launch of Spam Master website protection against exploits, attacks and spam originating from forms like registrations, logins, comments, contact forms, etc. we have been directly programming for web security. Since then, Spam Master grew a lot because of built-in automatic learning functions that feed on spam, from a baby to a monster, Spam Master Real Time Black List databases are one of the top 5 biggest worldwide making Spam Master a popular choice to protect many websites and content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

For many years now, let’s call it “old honeypot” as been integrated into Spam Master, it’s been a trusty old ally fighting spam alongside many other protections tools packed into Spam Master. But, recently we’ve been noticing smarter, angrier, faster spam bots originating from full fledged servers or running in computer browser macros, extensions or addons able to detect and bypass the old static honeypot input fields. Thus the new Honeypot Version 2 was born.

Honeypot Version 2

Or shorter Honeypot V2 introduces a new anti-bot concept, “smart dynamic input fields” that adapt and check for things like javascript, sessions and cookies. Is Honeypot V2 heavier on the server? not at all, it has a very light footprint because it’s only initialized on pages with forms, in reality it hugely reduces server resources spent on processing the thousands if not millions spam attempts that pass as legit user form input. Users and legit bots like google boot, bing bot, etc. will have a much better experience browsing and crawling your website.

We would like to thank all beta testers that have been using modified versions of Spam Master for the past month. Our Spam Master RBL servers are also ready to receive input from Honeypot Version 2. It’s been a great experience so far, tests show 100% antibot detection and blockage for first hits with subsequent Spam Master Firewall (buffer) kicking in afterwards to block further attempts or DOS (denial of service). We expect to roll-out updates to Spam Master WordPress, Drupal and Joomla next month, make sure to update.

Honeypot Version 2 by TechGasp.