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TechGasp New Look, Same Killing Speeds

How to look good and achieve top Google Ranks?

Really easy answer, any Joomla or WordPress website must have fast, clean code avoiding Javascript. And, Supreme Hosting.

The Code needs to be simple, clean and tweaked for speed

Big issue in many Joomla or WordPress websites is the quality of the extensions the users download and install… appalling, sloppy even “scary” php code. Only download professional extensions from credited western developers. Solid, no apache2 errors log and specially designed for speed. Search for solid php and css, html5 and iframe. Avoid Javascipt and Ajax!

Javascript or Ajax are the CMS… plague

The usage of Javascript denotes many times weak php coding skills. These are the files that take longer to load in any website also, they use more server cpu and memory to render. Apart from photos or videos, Javascript, jQuery or Ajax are also the biggest or heaviest files in websites, many times constituting more than 2 mb… nuts!!!

We tolerate Javascript usage only by and for the main website template… “the website looks”, after all the any website needs to look sharp. Javascirpt, jQuery or Ajax in components, modules, plugins… Say NO!

If you have more than 5 javascript files loading in your website… bad idea. Also, Javascipt and Alax are the number one cause of conflicts and website errors in Joomla or WordPress. Do we need to say more?

The Big Secret, Fast & Furious Hosting

If as a webmaster you are committed to have the best Joomla or WordPress website with tons of daily visits and users. Maybe a professional or commercial website that needs to be efficient to generate steady income. You need Supreme Hosting.

Not just words!, we are using our new TechGasp website look as example, after all improvements and changes, we still gained a few milliseconds.

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The Google Rank Rules

  • Clean Code
  • Fast Website Page Speed
  • Old is Gold

What can TechGasp do for you

  • Professional, clean and fast loading extensions. Joomla and WordPress.
  • No Javascipt
  • Award Winning Support
  • Supreme Fast & Furious specialized Joomla and WordPress Hosting

Page load, Html5 video

total loading time… 2.5s


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