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Google Hangouts for WordPress

Google Hangouts

The perfect world is about to became reality!

Youtube Master, the professional Youtube solution for wordpress is being packed with google hangouts API making it the supreme all in one solution for your youtube video display. Youtube Videos and Playlists, Youtube Channels, Youtube Web-camera Uploads and soon Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts

One great communication network which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features, designed by google to be “the future” of its telephony products.

TechGasp Google Hangouts

Youtube Master

It makes sense!

We were left with a decision, create a new wordpress plugin or include google hangouts into our professional google video solution. No brainier!!!. All our Youtube Master clients will save a bunch of bucks with the new version that is estimated to come out next week. And yes, packed with exciting new google hangouts features. It’s a free upgrade, just use your wordpress updater and take a look at new the widgets and shortcodes.

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