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Joomla 2.5.8 and 3.0.2 released

Joomla 2.5.8 LTS and 3.0.2 STR released

Always great to see the joomla people taking care of our beloved CMS, thanks and keep it up. Read more for full list of changes.
joomla updated…

Major changes in these releases?

Joomla 2.5.8 Long Term Release

1 Security issue fixed

9 tracker issues fixed

Security Issues Fixed

Medium Priority – Core – Clickjacking Vulnerability. More information »

Tracker Issues Fixed


29575 Article Manager excludes identity of author

29574 Backport JAccess fixes from platform. Thanks Elin

29401 Repeated htmlspecialchars() Applied When Multiple Breadcrumbs Active. Thanks Peter and Roland

29264 Field “alias” disappears in menu manager with type “External URL”. Thanks Roberto

29488 Missing JText In Language Installer

29463 Notice in language manager when FTP layer is enabled.

28764 user notes category is not properly nested in the assets table. Thanks Peter

28849 Publishing date instead of creation date in com_content/category/view.feed.php. Thanks Tobias Ribizel.

28297 com_banners: BannersModelClients SQL error (group by banner id). Thanks Nils

Joomla 3.0.2 Short Term Release

1 security issue fixed

1 new feature

50 tracker issues fixed

Security Issues Fixed

Medium Priority – Core – Clickjacking Vulnerability. More information »

New Feature

27373 Implementing Items associations in multi-language. With this function you can assign articles and article categories from different languages together and the module will display the correct link if you change the language itself. Click here for more information.

Tracker Issues Fixed


29610 User and Notes views missing chosen/bootstrapAdministration

29471 Save as Copy Overwrites Menu Titles (always) for External URLAdministration

29533 Missing closing link tag in submenu layoutAdministration

27989 Filtering of extension update list and additional notice before updatiingAdministration

29587 *Adding Author alias in Article ManagerAdministration

29615 *Hathor edit user brokenAdministration

29582 User Profile cannot be edited from user managerAdministration

29606 *New Feature Items associations also displays the parameter for other categories than com_contentAdministration

29411 Missing function _unix2DOSTime in libraries/joomla/archive/zip.php.CMS Libraries

29583 JForm media field element is unable to determine the selected image root pathCMS Libraries

29565 Joomla! 3.x version update information issue on 64-bit serversCMS Libraries

28379 *Normalizing Hathor css and js load in index.php + correcting a small errorCode Quality

29128 Add a heading menu item, use Bootstrap’s markup for separatorCode Quality

29568 *Patch correcting issues in Featured/blog/archive for the info displayComponents

29545 Incorrect label / date in article created dateComponents

29251 Com_content caches article view no matter of ItemidComponents

29499 “Browser Page Title” Not Considered in Category Blog LayoutsComponents

29547 Category parent link missingComponents

29480 Removed class=” form closing tag in contacts default viewComponents

29551 Fixed list_price and sale_priceDatabase

29239 Increment the hit counter of the categoryDatabase

29597 ‘Title’ label doesn’t appear when editing an article in frontendFront End

29478 Incorrect Home link from 500 error page Joomla 3.0Front End

29488 Missing JText In Language InstallerLanguages

29604 *Language no more available in Extension Manager after uninstallLanguages


29584 *Untranslated strings in chosen.jquery.js using IsisLanguages

29477 Missing style for CancelLayouts

29401 Repeated htmlspecialchars() Applied When Multiple Breadcrumbs ActiveModules

29536 XHTML syntax error in default system Breadcrumbs moduleModules

29570 Recaptcha failsPlatform

29530 *Language override search brokenPlugins

29339 User Manager: Viewing Access Levels – layoutTemplates

29553 Convert Hathor’s brown color scheme to LessTemplates

29543 Category on article is sometimes not displayedTemplates

29527 *Beez category list display issueTemplates

29535 Invalid XHTML syntax in Protostar Joomla 3.0.1Templates

29599 *Beez article category list display issueTemplates

29470 *Hathor submenus brokenTemplates

29305 Adding red colour to invalid fieldsTemplates

29487i sis error.php is accessing unexisting object $this->paramsTemplates

28960 Correct system message outputTemplates

29494 *Normalising Edit Category pageUser Interface

29577 Wrong status filter in Plug-in-ManagerUser Interface

29525 No tooltip help for Global Configuration Text FiltersUser Interface

29476 Isis: Fixed btn-group labels not getting right colors in component subtemplateUser Interface

29602 Add bootstrap-extended to the CSS compilerUser Interface

29519 *Edit Menu Item layout usabilityUser Interface

29552 *Com_messages “My Settings” brokenUser Interface

29340 Menu Manager: MenusWeb Services

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