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Joomla Hosting Easter Benchmark

Grab your Easter Joomla Hosting Coupon

Latest Web/HTPP Cluster Benchmarks

Fast & Furious specialized Joomla hosting is with us. If your website takes more than 10 seconds to load, just give up… it will never make it out there. Below is our latest Techgasp website easter benchmark, like all our customers we use the same service Joomla Hosting Pro. The speeds you see are actually the speeds you would have, No Mambo Jambo.



Our speed tests are provided externally by, great website where you can test and troubleshoot your website. What are you waiting for, test your website hosting.



Supreme Joomla Hosting – 10 Coupons for grabs

This Easter we have 10 coupons to offer. If you want furious hosting you better take 1 NOW!. They get grabbed fast. Grab Coupon

  • Easter 2013 Coupons
  • -15% off all supreme hosting packages
  • 10 Coupons for grabs
  • until 02 April 2013
  • Recommended package Joomla Pro
  • only applicable to supreme hosting packages, not vps

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