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Vimeo Video Quality for Joomla

Vimeo was never this easy for Joomla

Vimeo Business for Joomla

If you can’t get enough of us!, we just launched another great extension. Following our decision do drop all the troubles, errors and conflicts that javascript and Ajax creates, we launched Vimeo Business in pristine and minimal html5 code. Clean website and super fast page load times.

This great looking extension was specially designed for business, professional use it fits like a glove in all sorts of arts, design, movies, photos websites. Well, all websites where quality is a must. But that’s not all, as you may read below in main features, we packed Vimeo Business for Joomla with loadposition so users can load cool vimeo videos inside their Joomla articles and blog… here’s the proof

Vimeo Business Download and Info page.

Vimeo Business

Main Features

  • No errors or javascript conflicts
  • Fast page load times for professional websites. Built in Html5
  • Fully Mobile Devices Responsive, test this page on your phone or pad
  • Vimeo HD video quality that fits any template position
  • Auto-Play Video Option
  • Loop Video Option
  • Customizable Vimeo Skin Color, to match your template design if you don’t want to use the default vimeo blue
  • Publish inside joomla articles for professional presentations or blog. loadposition included
  • Option to display your Vimeo Profile Button
  • Easy to use, comes with label instructions
  • Module Class Suffix included
  • Caching options available

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