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Techgasp is officially the best Joomla Hosting

Officially the best and cheapest Joomla Hosting

Your joomla powered website might have a cool template and components but that doesn’t really matter when it comes to visits. No one likes to wait for pages to load and, it’s a proven statistical fact that 70% of our visitors will start to leave, drop out or bounce after 3 seconds of incomplete page load time. Read more below on how to improve your website speed, search engine visibility and ultimately grab a bunch more visits and users.

Website speed is everything…

Besides having your joomla website tweaked with good SEF for a better search engine visibility or SEO, search engines like google are very smart when they are crawling your website, they will also check for your pages load times. When google ranks your website by it’s content “key words”, your site speed is definitely one of the major parts that will rank your joomla website better during users search when compared with other websites with the same content “key words”. Google policy is simple, they want to provide their search engine users with the best experience possible and for that speed is factor n.1 ranking websites with similar content.

But we guess all this does not come as a surprise to you! Take our website for instance, joomla powered, actually a very heavy website with a bunch of components, modules and plugins… still we have a great google and alexa rank. Why!, because we are the best hosting solution in the market for joomla websites. Our server clusters are hardware optimized, run linux, network is top of the grade and not least, everything is fibber optics speeds. We said it before and will confirm it again, our website is hosted in the same http cluster as our customers, no special stuff for us… hosting without mambo jambo. Check the screenshot at top of the page, that’s our rating in one of the major online testing tools as com can see we are not even using Amazon CDN for faster multimedia load times.

Check our Server Cluster Status page. You will see real-time values provided by independent companies like pingdom… top notch. Server Cluster Status and, in case of support for your joomla website (templates, components, modules, plugins, SEF, SEO, facebook apps, conflicts, errors, etc.) well, we are experts with awarded 24/7 support and joomla JED registered developers Support. Linking your website to twitter or facebook Facebook Apps no problem and if you actually sell goods or services online, get ready for a facebook app that will increase your income exponentially, go viral!

Check our joomla hosting prices Hosting Plans, and move you website with no downtime. Hosting without mambo jambo!

The image below shows how just “1 second” page load delay affects your joomla website sales and or user registrations:

techgasp loading time

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