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TechGasp WordPress Framework V4.3 is coming


We have been working very hard to extend and upgrade our current wordpress framework v4.2 into the new v4.3. The new framework is a huge beef-up from the previous version, you can read all about it below.

What’s this V4.3 all about?

Basically the V4.3 version upgrades our already famous version 2 (read here). The concept behind our framework is really simple and all about the users. We basically compile all good suggestions from users and apply them into the new frameworks.

That’s not all!, we also constantly try to make our plugins easier to use, as user friendly as possible, intuitive.  That cuts down our professional support and gives more time to develop new stuff.

Page load speeds and excellent Google SEO rank are always in our mind when developing new frameworks, to be honest we are obsessive compulsive  regarding these matters. Maybe that’s why our wordpress website with only 4 months of living already ranks 4 in google SEO and search. Many websites take years to achieve this rank, but unfortunately they are not using our extensions… one day we will write a small article about all this “business” and why some wordpress websites have 0 google rank.

Eye candy is always a plus… so all new frameworks look better than the previous version, but as stated before, without compromising page load speeds and without using ridiculous javascript that kills page load times and creates a lot of conflicts and website errors. Wow, you should check the new version… coming out gorgeous.

Mobile Responsive… yes. Many of our plugins are already mobile devices responsive. This new framework will confirm that and will extend mobile responsiveness to more plugins.

When is this V4.3 stuff coming out?

The TechGasp WordPress Framework V4.3 is almost finished, we are expecting to roll-out upgrades to our plugins next week.

How to Upgrade?

Just use the normal wordpress native updater to upgrade your already installed plugins.

More info?

With the official launch of the new version 4.3, probably next week, we will post a full synopsis article detailing all the new goodies.