TechGasp Blank Module for Joomla

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Ever wanted to display content and could not find the right joomla module to do it? We did, so we decided to build a brand new module with the usual high quality standards of TechGasp, lightning fast loading times, minimal code and php, javascript error free, absolutely no joomla conflicts. The Joomla 2.5 Blank Module is basically a chameleon that you can use in any joomla template module position and display your custom php, html, text or javascript. And the best thing is that TechGasp Blank Module for joomla version 4.x is now available. Have fun with it.

Little, big joomla chameleon module, ready for any occasion…

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Linkedin Business for Joomla

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No doubts about it, if you are serious about your linkedin connections and want to integrate your personal or company linkedin page into your joomla website, then LinkedIn Business is the solution for your. With LinkedIn Business you can display your personal linked-in profile, your company linkedin profile or both at the same time maximizing and expanding your connections. Integrates flawless in any joomla module template position so it always looks good and you can display it anywhere inside your joomla website, even inside content articles.

Business class LinkedIn company or personal profile for joomla websites….

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Business Google Map for Joomla

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Business Google Map is a joomla module that allows you to display a Google Maps professionally inside a joomla module position or inside an article. It’s the perfect module to display your business location in a google map or, just your personal location if you have a blog, forum, etc.

Extensive, backend options to configure the map display, i.e. name, website, email, phone, mobile, city, state, and country. But hold on, that’s not all, you can even show your logo, avatar, picture, photo in the map. The perfect solution to let your customer know your physical location, with the usual TechGasp style. Includes 11 Techgasp designed glossy marker icons and is able to display 12 different markers per map. Business Google Map is fully Mobile Responsive. Clean error free html5 code, makes no use of nsty javascript.

A must have for any Joomla Business website.

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Youtube Business for Joomla

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The perfect joomla extension if you have a sales or multimedia (video, sound) content website. Why?, this joomla module was specially designed and coded in Html5, no errors or conflicts with light speed page loading times, a must for any video display. With YouTube Business you can display videos in any template module position, ever seen those sales websites with a great commercial showing of the product, instead of boring text or static images… well, this is it for joomla. But that’s not all, we packed the html5 with the ability to show a single video or a full youtube playlist. If you are a video or sound enthusiast that would like to display professionally your work, the youtube playlist feature is definitely for you. To top it off, we added optional Youtube Subscribe Channel button.

The most recent addition to Youtube Master is Google Hangouts launcher that allows instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features, designed by google to be “the future” of its telephony products. Now you can provide professional video support, talk with friends, collaborate and extend your joomla blog.

Pimp your joomla website professionally with youtube videos….

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Facebook Comments Master for Joomla

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Any good joomla website needs a comment system so users can express their opinions in certain articles, blog categories, etc. The problem is that joomla with such extensions, components, plus modules, plus plugins turns into a slow, obese website with very slow page load times. All these extensions have the hassle of creating conflicts with other joomla extensions, a huge mess of errors. There is also the learning curve of how to use these components, where users can post, who can post, what is spam, moderated or not, etc. One word Obsolete!!

Joomla Facebook Comments Master is all about gain and viral…

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Skype Master for Joomla

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Skype supreme for any joomla powered website. Now that Microsoft bought skype and officially phased out live messenger, it was time to launch the ultimate skype communication tool for your joomla website. Skype Master for Joomla allows you to display all 6 available skype actions, Call Me, Add Me, Chat with Me, View My Profile, Leave me Voicemail, Send Me a File and the new Skype Share viral button. Hold on, you don’t need to show them all in the frontend, you can select each individual action to display in the front end. We packed this extension with the 2 famous skype colors (green or blue) and the New Microsoft and TechGasp icon set to better suit your template. We also added horizontal and vertical display option to better fit your intentions and template module position. The horizontal position works great even inside your articles with loadposition.

skype ultimate for joomla, with style…

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