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TechGasp Plugins Versions 4.4.2.x

Techgasp Versions 4420x

We are launching all new and exciting TechGasp plugins. New versions start with number 4.4.2.x, if you already are a plugin user, read below how to get them.

What’s new with these versions 4.4.2.x

  • WordPress 4.2.3 ready
  • Includes several important fixes and speed-up’s
  • New pre-installation flight
  • New text-domain because of updater
  • Uses the base plugin

Can I upgrade my old version to this new version?

Unfortunately not, the changes are cumbersome and they require you to:

  • Request us a new download link and license key, read below
  • Deactivate and delete your old plugin
  • Download and install the plugin base version from
  • Download and install the new version addons from the purchase email or from Support My Account

Important If you have a lot of widgets and shortcodes, they should not be affected. After installing the new addons plugin they should pop-up again.

Installation Instructions

Let’s say you are installing or upgrading a plugin. For this purpose we will use Soundcloud Master but it applies to all plugins.

  • First Step: Download and install Soundcloud Master from website
  • You can search and install Soundcloud Master from your administrator Plugins Page Add New Search plugins (search for Soundcloud Master and install)

First step is done and you now have the base plugin installed.

  • Second Step: Download and install Soundcloud Master Addons
  • from the purchase email, just click download link. This link will be available for 72 hours
  • at any time in the future by login into our website Support My Account

Second step is done and you have all advanced addons installed

  • Third Step: relates to the Addons updates, they are fully integrated into wordpress updates but require you to insert and activate the license key into the plugin License page
  • The license key can be found in your purchase email or by login into our website Support My Account
  • Copy the license key and navigate to Soundcloud Master License
  • Paste your license key into the license key field and press Save Changes
  • Once that is done press Activate License
  • You should now have a green text displaying Active

This third step is important to keep the addons always up-to-date and may include code fixes, code speed-ups, API updates, wordpress updates, security fixes and new features added to addons.

Request us a new download link and license key

Since our plugins updater changed with the new versions 4.4.2.x, if you have an old and active download link and download key from previous plugin versions we will happy to provide you with new ones for the new updater. Just issue a support ticket providing your old download link or download key. When data is processed you will receive an automatic email with new ones.
You will also be able to check your downloads and licenses in our brand new user account page.
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